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On Sale Now: Moog Music’s Minimoog Model D, Model 15, and Animoog Z Apps!

On Sale Now: Moog Music’s Minimoog Model D, Model 15, and Animoog Z Apps!

Moog iOS and macOS apps are 50% off in the App Store for a limited time. Each app offers a completely unique synthesis experience; read on to learn which is the best fit for your sound, style, and use—or download and explore them all.

Minimoog Model D

A mobile transmutation of the legendary Model D

Introduced in 1970, the Minimoog Model D served as the archetype for all synthesizers that followed. This version of the instrument includes more than 160 built-in presets and features like stereo ping-pong delay, MIDI CC mapping, and AUv3 compatibility for integration with tools like Ableton Link and GarageBand. Recreate the sounds of your favorite songs with this inspiring standalone synth.

Download the Model D App Here


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Model 15

Modular exploration—no patch cables required

Enter the world of modular or hone your patching skills and synth know-how. Model 15 allows you to replicate the sounds and workflow of the classic all-analog Model 15 modular synthesizer from your mobile device or computer! Simple swipes and taps provide instant access to features like a traditional Moog keyboard, 1150 ribbon controller, and eight-step sequencing arpeggiator. Use it as an AUv3 plugin for seamless integration with Logic, GarageBand, and MainStage; as an effect for your existing audio chain; or as a single, dynamic sound design tool. Perfect for studio use and live performance environments alike.

Download the Model 15 App Here


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Animoog Z

An immersive and unique approach to wavetable synthesis

Getting started with this fun and expressive 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer is immediate and intuitive: simply select and drag the orbit path to create endless sonic configurations as your patch travels through an array of timbres. Experiment with dynamic effects, create your own timbres, and discover new concepts of multidimensional sounds design. Use Animoog Z’s built-in configurable keyboard to control pitch and pressure per voice (or send MIDI out), or connect your favorite MPE controller to explore Animoog Z’s MPE-compliant sound engine.

The app is free to download and explore with the option to unlock Animoog Z’s full functionality at the current discounted price of $9.99 USD.

Download the Animoog Z App Here

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About Moog Music Inc.

About Moog Music
Moog Music is the leading producer of analog synthesizers in the world. The company and its customers carry on the legacy of its founder, electronic musical instrument pioneer, Dr. Bob Moog. All of Moog’s instruments are hand built in its factory on the edge of downtown Asheville, NC.

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