Watch: New Moog Sound Lab Performance by TOPS

Watch: New Moog Sound Lab Performance by TOPS

A new performance from the Moog Sound Lab with Canadian indie pop band TOPS features Moog One, Grandmother, Subsequent 37, and more.

Asheville, NC, USA, January 9, 2024— Formed in Montréal in 2011, the members of TOPS have made their mark as a staple in today’s indie pop scene.



Seamlessly blending elements of dream-pop and indie rock, TOPS is celebrated for their lush and sophisticated sound. The band’s captivating melodies, intricate arrangements, and ethereal vocals bring a nostalgic yet modern identity to today’s pop music landscape that feels both timeless and contemporary.

​In this video, TOPS takes the stage inside the Moog Sound Lab in Asheville, NC, to put a spin on fan-favorite “Colder & Closer” from their 2020 release, 'I Feel Alive.' The band reimagines this track with melodies from Matriarch, Grandmother triggered by guitar via MIDI, spacey Moog One pads, deep Subsequent 37 bass, and more!

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